Hi there, 
nice to meet you!

I’m Stefan Velthuys, a designer from Lucerne, Switzerland working for required.com

I create digital products and design things for the web.
I believe that a usable product can and should look beautiful to achieve a maximum of positive user experience.

After working a couple of years in various web design agencies in Switzerland, I decided to go freelance in October 2012 and later on I co-founded the Web agency required. Since then, we were able to work for clients such as SBB, Swisscom or CSS Insurance.

I am required

Pretty bold statement, now is it?

Well, it’s also a wordplay, since my company is called required.
At required, we offer a range of services.

Whether Interaction Design, user experience and testing, or a clean visual website that works on all devices, we focus the screen, no matter its size. We are proud to develop elegant solutions with a keen focus on the end user’s needs for clients of all magnitudes. Designing products that solve real problems is pure excitement to us.