Stefan Velthuys

Design & Frontend


I make websites.

Sure, I create online experiences and what not. But in the end, it's basically a website. Which I design and help develop the frontend for. I believe that a usable product can and should look beautiful to achieve a maximum of positive user experience.

Stefan Velthuys (Velthy) working in a Café
Stefan Velthuys

After working a couple of years in various web design agencies in Switzerland, I decided to go freelance in October 2012 and later on I co-founded the Web agency required gmbh where we've worked for clients such as SBB, Swisscom or CSS Insurance.

See, what kind of I can offer and what I can help you with. You can also check out my latest work in my portfolio.

I am required

Pretty bold statement, now is it?
Well, it's also a wordplay, because my company is called required.

At required, we offer a range of services.
Whether Interaction Design, user experience and testing, or a clean visual website that works on all devices, we focus the screen, no matter its size. We are proud to develop elegant solutions with a keen focus on the end user’s needs for clients of all magnitudes. Designing products that solve real problems is pure excitement to us.

From strategic help and coaching to entire web applications, we help our clients succeed with their digital projects. We integrate with existing teams or run along as agency: we adjust to fit just right, depending on the clients’ goal.

Have a look at our services and see how we might be a fit in supporting you in your digital development over at